Marketing in the age of social media

Social Media is now the most powerful marketing tool in the world which, if done correctly, can promote both individuals and businesses to a huge amount of people. My goal in photography is to help individuals and businesses market what they do in a creative way to help grow their audiences on Social Media. 

I am well experienced with marketing on social media, currently working as an influencer for Asics, Pics Peanut Butter and GoPro on my own personal platform (32.1K Followers on instagram) to help promote their brands through creative content. 

Facebook and Instagram have incorporated a new algorithm that is focused on showing people what they want to see. Posts with higher engagement (comments and likes) will now reach a much greater number of people. This means that it is very important to have creative and interesting content that will capture your audiences attention and lead to more engagement. 

My photography packages are designed for individuals and businesses who are looking to post regular content that has been professionally taken. 

For more information please see the section on my packages.

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